Last Forest’s mission is to pioneer sustainable living choices by connecting markets and communities.

For the au courant, who are seeking aesthetic and socially responsible solutions, Last Forest is a sustainable marketplace that provides eco-friendly, thoughtful and meaningful options that directly involves communities.

Last Forest intervenes by being a market intermediary for wild forest produce that is harvested by indigenous communities. Honey is a key forest produce. Honey is harvested by these honey hunters at great risk but with tremendous tradition and culture encapsuled into the activity. The honey has been sustainably harvested for thousands of years and the only way for this symbiotic relationship between the communities and the forests around them to be available for generations to come is by providing them an ethical market; a market for honey and value added bees wax by-products.

We believe that the spirit of the forest is about thriving yet sustaining balance. It is about growth that is meaningful and contributing. We work on the following criteria – organic, fair trade, to support indigenous craft, to support and improve local biodiversity, to increase local employment and build local markets.

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