Mathew John

Managing Director of Last Forest Enterprises, a social enterprise incubated by Keystone Foundation, an NGO of which he is also a co-founder Director. As a Board member of Fair Trade Forum – India, Mathew oversaw the umbrella branding exercise of retail stores within the country.

Was on the Board of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM-Organics International) for 6 years, an international network of close to 900 organizations working on organic agriculture, around the world. Also, as part of promoting organic, constantly working to promote systems that encourage the development and adoption of simple and different approaches to guaranteeing organic produce. Was part of the team to initiate the PGS in India, which the Government of India now recognizes and promotes. Closely involved with the Slow Food network to spread the message of good, clean and fair food for all.


Having completed an integrated degree in literature, moved to the the IT industry for a little over six years in Oracle, Robert Bosch and Societe Generale as a language expert of French and German. The domains involved were project accounting, corporate investment banking, supply chain management, social media and digital marketing, car multimedia technology, and technical translations. At Last Forest, for nearly 3 years, he now passionately forays into the sales and marketing space, which he heads. His keen sense has him highly involved in all aspects of business development.

Aritra Bose

With a post graduate degree in communications and passionate towards food and growth of the restaurant (his first love), keeps him constantly motivated; social media, design and photography prowess give him sleepless nights. Working hard towards the Last Forest brand development to see it go places. Part of the senior management team. Has earlier worked with a national newspaper as a food blogger.


With a decade of meticulous handling of finances under her belt, Monica is our accountant who has transformed herself into a member of core importance at Last Forest. She consistently observes and questions every element of the company to ensure its smooth running. She can often be heard singing softly at her desk.

Miller Ashok

The energy levels that Miller functions on are unparalleled to anyone else in the team. He is the senior most member of the sales and marketing team and uses his vast experience in the field to deliver beyond expectations time and again. He is famously known for delivering dazzling dance moves!

Teny Ann Johnson

Completed degree in Engineering (Electronics & Communication); worked as an Oracle Database Administrator for 6 years with Cognizant Technology Solutions, 1 year as a Math teacher in International Community School, Kotagiri. Currently, handling the roles of Procurement in-charge and Office Manager – work involves planning, approving and tracking the procurement process effectively by streamlining the processes and cash flow. Also, takes care of the statutory compliance and day-to-day office matters.


Honey, being the core product of Last Forest has a whole section dedicated to its testing, packing and delivery. And in charge of this section is Marimuthu. He diligently anchors the activities taking place in the honey section. Open to learning, he has found a space where he strives to be an effective leader.

Frango Thomas

Hanging out with his dad as a child, seeded a passion for driving and mechanical meddling. Chasing his dream, completed a diploma in Automobile Engineering and joined the Ford Motor Co. for 2 years. Missing the hills and family, he headed back. Joining as a sales executive, he realized the impact of the organization which intrigued and excited him. Putting his machinery passion aside, he ventured into the sales world which didn’t work. He made a shift to operations which seemed a risk but has found his niche with a strong support team. Nearly completing 6 years now, he is also studying to complete a degree in Business Administration.


A local resident of the hills and a graduate in English literature; Right out of college, he took a plunge and took over the procurement operations. Now, into his 5th year at the company, his role has shifted to communications manager, where his creative juices flow. This role involves interactions on social media, constant updates in the form of newsletters and marketing material. He is also part of the HR committee which oversees new employee induction and training needs of employees.

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